The U.S. is one of the richest countries in the world, yet 43.1 million Americans live in poverty and 19.4 million live in "deep" poverty, which often persists across generations. Family members may remain unemployed or "stuck" in low wage jobs, lacking education and skills needed in an increasingly competitive job market.


    OIC provides quality education and training services through a national network of local affiliates. We offer high quality skill development opportunities that enable economically disadvantaged and unemployed people of all races and backgrounds to become productive, more fulfilled members of society.

We envision a world in which all people are contributing members of their families and communities.








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"The surging power of OIC  is the will of the people to become more than they have been, to prove to themselves and to others that they can achieve."

Rev. Leon H. Sullivan

OICA Remembers 911  – Patriot Day

OICA Remembers 911 – Patriot Day

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Today, we honor those we lost and remember our strength when we stand together.

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Diversity Is Essential In STEM. Here’s How People Are Organizing ‘Good Trouble’ To Make A Change.

Diversity Is Essential In STEM. Here’s How People Are Organizing ‘Good Trouble’ To Make A Change.

Calvin Mackie – Contributor

Workforce development is another area in STEM ripe for Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble. The consulting company McKinsey & Co. recently published a report entitled, “The Future of Work in Black America,” projecting that automation may disrupt 4.5 million jobs held by African Americans over the next 10 years. It is believed that automation which consists of Artificial Intelligence, machine language, and robots will replace low-wage, low-skill jobs in the near future. Many are afraid that the Covid-19 pandemic will hasten the shift to automation in the American economy.

Community-based workforce development and training programs must commit to providing trainees with skills for 21st-century jobs. Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America (OICA) is an organization committed to fighting the good fight.  “We must continue to fight for the change we seek – The State of Work in this country has and continues to change with evolving technologies. OICA and its network of Affiliates are responding to these changes.  As one of the longstanding and influential historical African American Workforce Development institutions in this country, we understand that we must be STEM-focused.

“Our network of affiliates works tirelessly to prepare people of color for sustainable jobs that lead to living-wage careers.  The Digital Divide is pervasive in the communities that we serve; as such, we seek to partner with STEM experts to develop scalable models focused on developing the entire pipeline from the cradle with 21st-century skills.  Our necessary trouble is blowing up the old model and embed STEM into the 31 Affiliates and communities we serve, across 21 states, and close the divide.” says James Haynes, President & CEO of OICA.

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We’re hiring! – Pre-Release Manager

We’re hiring! – Pre-Release Manager

Job Title:                    Pre-Release Manager  

Supervisor:                Senior Program Manager

Salary:                        $60,000 + Competitive Benefit Package                

FSLA Status:             Exempt, Full-time Regular

Location:                    Philadelphia

Application Due Date: 09/12/2020


OIC of America (OICA) is a nonprofit organization and the national office of a network of 31 workforce development organizations spread across the United States.  Our mission is to provide underserved communities with the tools and support needed to overcome barriers to economic opportunity.  We envision a world in which all people are contributing members of their families and communities.  Through their efforts and ours, our participants have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty, in support of creating a more just and equitable society.  OICA provides job and life skills training and matches our graduates with the employment needs of local businesses.  Our organization and broader network have trained over 2 million people nationwide over the past 50+ years.

The Pre-Release Manager serves as the liaison between correctional facilities staff and OIC affiliates implementing OIC of America’s SOAR re-entry program. They will provide overall management and monitoring of service coordination while connecting OIC affiliates with appropriate pre-release service providers as needed. This position will work closely with affiliate frontline staff and correctional staff to understand the needs of participants pre-release, develop and implement transitional plans, research and gather community resources/support, and develop partnerships with agencies and organizations to support the achievement of program outcomes.

They will also track program participants’ progress and provide reports to corrections as well as coordinate transitions of participants from state prisons and local jails into community. The Pre-Release Manager will be responsible for preparing monthly outcome reports to brief correctional staff and other stakeholders on the program’s progress. This role will require one to represent OICA within the Pennsylvania re-entry eco-system and participate in convenings, discussions, or similar platforms to build new alliances and partnerships that propel the work of the organization.

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  • Laurence Matthew

    “[South Florida OIC] truly is a blessing to the community by assisting the under-employed, unemployed, and ex-offenders population with training and job placement assistance programs.”

  • William Bright, Summit Academy OIC, MN

    “This experience gave me the confidence to return to a normal life, a normal home, and the ability to use my homelessness to empower those who struggle as I have.”

  • Adelina Rondeau, OIC of New London, New London, CT

    “What a wonderful place with wonderful people that truly and genuinely want to help you!”

  • Maria Mabanag, JobTrain, Menlo Park, CA

    “Tremendous thanks to JobTrain and its financial supporters for giving me the opportunity to graduate in Culinary Arts….God Bless to you good people at JobTrain and EDD as well!!”


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OIC is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization preparing people for today's workforce with quality life skills development, fundamental education, superior job skills training, and employment readiness services.



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