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The OIC of America Entrepreneurial Mindset Initiative is a contemporary re-birth of a proven legacy for success. The core elements of our entrepreneurial training programs will include: advisory services, hands-on support, workshops and webinars, for individuals from economically distressed communities who want to start or grow a business.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Initiative

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Your contribution to OIC10 will assist us in raising the first $10 million to endow the OIC of America Entrepreneurial Mindset Initiative. Just $10 will make you a part of OICA’s effort to assist in the development of one million new business owners.

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“The African-American Commitment to Self-Employment”

Fewer African Americans are self-employed than are other ethnic groups and consequently, the collective wealth in the African-American community lags far behind. We desire to own our future and help our communities by providing services they need that will create job opportunities for others. Changing our situation will take collective and individual action.

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