OIC Mission

OIC of America provides low-income people with the tools and support to overcome barriers to economic opportunity and social justice in America.

OIC Vision

We envision a world in which all people are contributing members of their families and communities. Through our efforts and theirs, our participants break the cycle of poverty, creating a more just society.

Our Participants

We help people who have not been able to succeed through traditional means. We serve youth and adults, with programs targeted to the needs of each group. We serve those who:

  • Are low income, underemployed, unemployed, or never employed.
  • Are under educated or at risk for not completing school.
  • Have barriers to employment including, but not limited to, criminal record, limited English proficiency, or poor work history.

Our Primary Strategies

In order to fulfill our mission we:

  1. Prepare our participants for employment or business ownership – we prepare our participants to become contributing members of their community through life skills development, fundamental education, job skills training, entrepreneurial training, employment readiness training, and job placement. We actively work with employers and employer/industry/labor organizations to find work, career, and business opportunities for our participants. Our comprehensive services include recruitment, open entry, open exit, specialized curriculum and instruction, counseling, job development, job placement, follow-up counseling, and employer orientation.
  2. Advocate – we inform policymakers and the public about the need to strengthen our communities and nation by preparing every participant to contribute his or her talents and skills to the economy. We are the source of information on what really helps individuals help themselves and their communities. We encourage and mobilize our participants to engage in the civic life of their communities and to advocate for issues they support.
  3. Operate through a network of community-based organizations – we recognize that each community has different needs to address and opportunities to build upon and that these are best met by an organization located in the community. When we strengthen citizens and families, we are strengthening communities as well.
  4. Establish partnerships – we work with community-based, local, state, and national organizations whose services enhance our ability to help our participants.
  5. Research – We actively monitor industry trends, changing demographics, and changes in the economy at the local and national level. We base our decisions, messages, and tactics on accurate data and information.

Our Values

We believe in:

Self help
We provide access to the tools, skills, and information that an individual needs to become self-sufficient. We help people help themselves. Our definition of self-help is the development and use of character, spirit, and capabilities for attainment of citizenship, family life, civility, gainful employment, self-reliance, and interdependence with their community.

We train the whole person: we recognize that our participants need more than basic job skills in order to succeed. We prepare our clients to develop all of the life and work skills necessary for successful personal and professional lives. We foster and nurture a sense of self- pride which gives our clients confidence in themselves and prepares them to participate with dignity in the total society. We encourage our participants to become active, engaged citizens of their communities and our nation: to vote, to mobilize in response to emerging issues, and to speak with leaders about important issues.

Grass roots
We believe that success comes when local communities mobilize to address local needs. We involve the total community in our work to stimulate loyalty and pride in the community and a sense of goodwill involving all religious, racial, cultural, economic, political and other groups.

We are committed to identifying and using what has proven to be effective in helping our participants become productive, fulfilled members of their communities.

We search for new opportunities and business models that will increase our ability to help our participants become contributing members of their communities.

Highest standards of integrity
We believe that our work is a moral imperative and must be fulfilled with the highest standards of integrity. We have a culture of accountability to do the right work in the right way throughout the entire organization. We honor the public’s trust in us in all ways, conducting our work honestly, legally, fairly, morally, respectfully, and in accordance with OICA policies.