About OIC of America

Founded in 1964 by the late Reverend Doctor Leon Howard Sullivan, OIC of America, Inc. (OICA) is a national non-profit network of employment and training programs bound together by a common commitment: to help the disadvantaged realize their true potential. With 38 affiliated programs in 22 states and the District of Columbia, OIC has grown into a movement, which has served over 2.5 million disadvantaged and under-skilled people.

The success of the flagship affiliate resulted in rapid growth of OIC training centers across the country. Rev. Sullivan recognized the need to establish a national headquarters to provide technical assistance to organizations interested in developing an OIC program in their communities. On March 9, 1970, Articles of Incorporation for OIC of America, Inc. were officially signed by Rev. Sullivan, Rev. William J. Shaw, Rev. Robert DuBose, Jr., Rev. Cecil D. Gallup and Ira Wells, Jr.

Located in Philadelphia, OICA serves as a catalyst to aid its affiliates to establish and maintain workforce development technologies, reinforce capacity and system-building endeavors, expand partnerships and collaborations, and promote organizational growth through professional development.